Personal Injury

Suffer a Catastrophic Injury in San Antonio?

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Some people in accidents suffer catastrophic injuries. When someone's negligence caused the accident, the San Antonio accident attorneys at Tracey Fox & Walters can take action to hold that person accountable.

A catastrophic injury can be defined as a personal injury that affects your daily life. You are no longer able to work and support your family. You are unable to take part in activities you enjoy. And there are often significant medical expenses for treating your injury.

Spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries and amputation of an arm or leg are all examples of catastrophic injuries. They are serious injuries that change people's lives forever.

Other examples of catastrophic injuries include serious injuries to the back, neck or shoulder. These types of injuries limit motion and the ability to perform everyday tasks. If a person has a job doing manual labor, he or she may be unable to work. Severe, painful burns are another example.

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Catastrophic injuries can change your life in an instant. They can affect you both physically and emotionally. Someone else was negligent, but you paid a heavy price. That's an injustice. But you may feel helpless to do anything about it.

There is one thing you can do. You can contact one of our attorneys and take legal action against the party responsible for your injury.

We can help you recover the financial compensation you are owed. It won't change what happened to you. But it can pay for all the necessary medical care and any home renovations you'll need. And it can give you some financial security to help you move forward.

The value of your claim will depend on many different factors. In general, victims of catastrophic injury can seek compensation for medical expenses (including future expenses) and lost wages if they can't work. They may also be able to seek damages (financial compensation) for pain and distress and emotional suffering. It may be possible to seek punitive damages, as well. One of our attorneys will determine how much compensation you are owed. We always make it our goal to get you the maximum compensation possible.

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We won't rest until we get the right results for you. Our attorneys in San Antonio have a lot of experience with catastrophic injury cases. We know how to find evidence of negligence and build a strong case. Insurance companies and their lawyers have a lot of money at their disposal. That doesn't bother us. We have the resources to keep fighting until we reach a successful conclusion.

Sometimes we beat them in court. But many times, they see how prepared we are and agree to a settlement that is favorable for our clients. And you don't owe us a single penny unless we get results. We pay all the expenses to move your case forward.

Because Texas has a statute of limitations and cases take time to build, it's important to act quickly. We can get started on your case right away. Learn more about how we can help. Contact us to schedule a free case evaluation.