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Houston Law Firm Obtains $765,000 Verdict for Rear-End Car Accident

Tracey & Fox attorney Lance Walters proud to provide justice for injury victim

Tracey Fox attains $765K verdict for victims in a rear-end accident case

A Harris County, Texas District Court jury recently awarded more than $765,000 to an auto accident victim injured in a rear-end crash which resulted in spinal cord injuries. Houston auto accident attorney Lance Walters of Tracey & Fox helped represent the injured motorist and praised the jury for awarding his client the recent verdict.

"I do the work I do because I want to make a difference in people's lives," Walters said. "When a big company is bullying the little guy, we go to bat for the little guy and let them have their day in court. Justice prevailed in this case, and that's what drives us to work harder every single day at Tracey & Fox."

Walters helped represent Charles Weiss, a Veteran and information technology specialist who was rear-ended at a stop light in 2013 by an under insured motorist. Walters served as second chair on the case with attorney Chance A. McMillian, a former Tracey & Fox clerk and Walters' best friend from high school.

The accident resulted in damage to Weiss' spinal cord, particularly herniations of C4, C5, T1 and T2 vertebrae, Walters said. Weiss' injuries will likely require two surgical procedures. So far, his medical bills have exceeded $35,000, plus other accident-related expenses. Weiss is also expected to have other medical issues in the future due to the rear-end accident four years ago, Walters said.

"Part of his job was limited due to the pain he was in," Walters said. "He did not have the money to afford the two surgeries he needed after his accident. Now that he has the money, he can have the surgery his doctors recommend to correct his accident-related health issues. Hopefully now, he can also live a more comfortable life as well."

Nationwide Insurance offered to settle the case for a figure far below the anticipated future financial impact of Weiss' accident-related injuries. As a result, Walters assisted McMillian with Weiss' case and helped file a lawsuit against Nationwide Insurance in order to obtain the compensation Weiss rightfully deserves.

The Harris County District Court, 152nd Judicial District jury ultimately decided to award Weiss $765,104 in damages, more than triple Nationwide's final offer. That figure includes:

  • $35,629 for past medical expenses
  • $400,000 for future anticipated medical expenses
  • $34,075 for past physical pain and mental anguish
  • $91,250 for future anticipated physical pain and mental anguish
  • $68,150 for past physical impairment
  • $136,000 for future anticipated physical impairment

"Our lawsuit was against an insurance company," Walters said. "My client had been paying for his insurance policy for 30 years every month. And when he needed them the most, they didn't come through for him. So we had to get a jury to come through and do the right thing for our client."

"Nationwide was not on Charles Weiss' side when he needed them the most," Walters said. "The whole reason he had been paying his insurance premiums for 30 years was for situations just like this one. They did not come through for him. They did not take responsibility. They had no accountability. We asked the jury to make Nationwide follow through on their commitment. And justice prevailed."

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