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What clients say about our law firm

At Tracey Fox & Walters, we have helped thousands of clients get financial compensation for their injuries. They suffered an injustice and we took action on their behalf. Our goal is helping people and we are proud of the results we got for them. We take each case seriously and are dedicated to getting the right results for each client. Along the way, we've gained a reputation among clients as a firm that operates with honesty and integrity.

In this video: Clients Sandra W., Terrence H., and Shawna D.

You can read about their experiences in their own words. Here are testimonials from some of the clients Tracey Fox & Walters has helped.

Looking out for the little people.

“I want to take the time to thank you for looking out for the little people who can't other wise protect themselves from big corps. If it wasn't for all of you they would run over us and would not get anything. Once again thank you.”

- James J.

Top-notch and extremely supportive during the whole process.

"The team at Tracey Law Firm was top notch and extremely supportive during the whole process. They took the time to understand the details of the case, advised on how to proceed during each step of the process, and genuinely cared about the outcome. If you are looking for a law firm that will give solid advice and achieve the best outcome, I would strongly recommend using Tracey & Fox."

- Hunter B.

I would absolutely recommend Sean Tracey as a lawyer. He changed our lives for the better.

"I came into contact with Sean in 2008 when he represented my son Lyam and I. My son was born with a rare heart defect that has left him with lifelong effects. I was taking Paxil in the beginning stages of my pregnancy and I know that Paxil was the cause of my son's heart defect. It was difficult to find a good lawyer that I trusted with my son's case. A parent will do anything for their child's well-being. Choosing the best lawyer was difficult. I chose Sean Tracy because he is the best. His passion for my case and his passion for my son's well-being was amazing. He has the ability in the court room to tell my story to the jury.

"The twelve people on the jury panel did not have any information about my case in the beginning. By the end of the trial you should see in their eye that they now knew the hidden truth about Paxil and babies born with heart defects. I was not able to talk to the jury during my case but I was able to tell my story through Sean Tracey. He fought for me but must importantly he fought for my son!

"Working with Sean and his team was an amazing experience, I felt almost protected by them. It was a 30-day long trial, I not ever once did I eat lunch alone. That speaks volumes about him and his team. He would say don't take anything personally that GSK might say to or about you. I had the chance to settle before my trial but I somehow knew with Sean in my corner I could be strong and have a jury here my story and let them decided and that what we did! I would tell anyone who is about to go to trial trust Sean Tracy, he will not lead you in the wrong direction and wants the best for you whole heartedly!

"My son will now have a better life because of what Sean Tracey was able to do, he brought justice to the court room! I would absolutely recommend Sean Tracey as a lawyer. I couldn't think of ANYONE ELSE! He changed our lives for the better! Because of how my family's life has changed I was able to become a Registered Nurse and work with cardiac patients."

- Michelle D.

We appreciate this firm for finding a sense of closure and justice for us.

"My family and I are so grateful to have had Tracey Law Firm represent us after losing our Mother in a tragic car accident. We feel that they were diligent and worked with such excellence on our case, while being personable and sensitive to our loss. Everyone from the receptionist to the paralegal, to the team of lawyers. Although nothing will ever replace our Mother, we appreciate this firm for finding a sense closure and justice for us. I would recommend Tracey Law Firm to anyone in need of excellent representation! Thank you Sean Tracey, Shawn Fox, Lance Walters, and Danny Olivo and the whole team!" 

- Chelsea R.

...the entire staff was very kind, professional and efficient.

"I was very happy with the service my family received from Tracey law firm... the entire staff was very kind, professional, and efficient. My family and I appreciate the hard work they put forth on our case and we were satisfied with the results."

- Anthony R.

They do their job and do it well.

"In the year 2000, I became pregnant with my fourth and last child Sara. She was born full term, weighing over 8 pounds. However I noticed something different with Sara than with any of my previous children. Her color was not quite moment she would be blotchy, as if a possible skin rash, and the next she was a pale pasty white. This was very strange. She would sweat profusely while feeding, and cried a lot. I was dumb-founded, not knowing what was wrong because, for one thing the doctors sent her home after birth apparently in good health. Also my three other children were all perfectly healthy. However when it came time for her first immunizations, I took Sara in at two months old. This was the nightmare. The Doctor was checking her for one seemed to be forever, then he went out and brought in another Doctor who also looked over Sara. This was the bombshell, they concluded, "This baby has heart problems, we need to have her admitted immediately."

"I was shocked, as if I had been knocked upside the head with a brick. Sara was diagnosed with multiple heart defects. Her arteries were going to the wrong chambers. They call it left heart syndrome, she was a blue baby. Her tiny body was starving for oxygenated blood, but she was not getting it due to the defects. They gave Sara a 30% chance of survival, they expected her to be gone over night, but she pulled through. She had to have 3 open heart surgeries. One of which resulted in a stroke, which caused her partial paralysis on her right side, and seizures. Sara is a very strong little girl, she's been through a horrendous ordeal.

"But why would all these things happen? Because during my first trimester of pregnancy, I took antidepressants. Whenever I found out I was pregnant I stopped, however the damage was done. Years later, I find out this medication was linked to these specific defects, that Sara has. That's when I got online, and searched for a Lawyer. I was so upset, I couldn't believe this happened. As I looked for a specialist in this area, I ran across the Tracey Law Firm. I looked at Mr. Tracey's successful background, and the many cases he's handled. I noticed he is an expert in defective medications, causing birth defects. I immediately contacted their office and told them my situation. They took it and handled Sara's case with complete professionalism. Mr. Tracey is a very aggressive attorney. He doesn't beat around the bush. I highly recommend Tracey Law Firm to anyone in a similar situation. They do their job and do it well. Thank you to everyone who helped us at Tracey Law Firm."

- Kathy F.

A sincere thank you to my new friends Lance and Angie for all you have done.

"I was injured in a car accident. It was not a life-altering, permanently debilitating injury. I injured my shoulder, it created radiating pain into my back and neck, but at first did not seem like it would lead to surgery. I dealt with Physical Therapy and Doctors for over a year before it was determined that I would have to have a surgery. The whole time, I told myself, "I don't need a lawyer." The insurance for the at-fault party continued to call me and make me believe that they would take care of the liability. I released consent for them to collect my medical records and bills, and then realized they were doing nothing - just delaying.

"I contacted Lance Walters of Tracey and Fox, at which time all of my effort in dealing with the financial recovery was no longer my problem. It became effortless on my part. Lance and his Paralegal Angie Wilson handled everything. I had to make a little effort to help collect any information from my employer, but was well guided by Lance. At the end of the process Lance and his staff handled reimbursement to my primary healthcare, and left me with about four times what I was out of pocket for 2 years of medical co-pays and deductibles. A sincere thank you to my new friends Lance and Angie for all you have done. I don't want to sound like a canned advertisement, but if you were in an accident and you were hurt - no matter how minor. Don't wait for the insurance company; call a lawyer. Call a lawyer you can trust. Call Lance Walters at Tracey and Fox."

- John E.

Lance put me at ease right from the start.

"My brother was killed in a car accident the day after Christmas in 2012, while traveling through Texas. Words cannot express the life I must now lead without my brother. I was devastated. I hired the law firm of Tracey & Fox seeking justice for my brother. The team of attorneys assigned to my brother's wrongful death/survival action were great, with one attorney leading the way. His name is Lance Walters. Lance put me at ease right from the start. I felt that he was truly committed to my brother's case and I could feel his compassion. Lance always and promptly answered any and all of my questions. The process was long and stressful, but whenever I did communicate with Lance via telephone, his voice was so soothing, that my stress seemed to lift immediately. Because of Lance and the law firm of Tracey & Fox, they were able to negotiate a settlement without the added stress of having to go to trial. If you too have lost a loved one through a wrongful death, I highly recommend you call Lance Walters at the law firm of Tracey & Fox."

- Maggie P.

I can't tell you how much of a relief and breath of fresh air this experience has been.

"Thank you so much for your help and your expedient services. I've consulted over 20 different lawyers over the past 2 years and no one come close to the professionalism you and this firm have displayed. I can't tell you how much of a relief and breath of fresh air this experience has been and it sincerely is appreciated more then you know."

- Michael J.

Not only were all of you reliable and easy to talk to, you personally went above and beyond to help me from start to finish.

"Thank you so much for all of your hard work on the case for my son in 2008. This was an extremely hard and stressful time for me and my family. You and your staff made the process easy for me to get through. Not only were all of you reliable and easy to talk to, you personally went above and beyond to help me from start to finish. It felt like you genuinely cared about our tough situation and looked out for us. What you did for us gave me one less worry in a sea of others. I would refer anyone to you without hesitation."

- Lisa Marie C.

Sean Tracey's professionalism and compassion has allowed my husband to receive quality medical management and care.

"My husband's misdiagnosed stroke left him a quadriplegic requiring 24 hour/7 day a week care. Sean Tracey's professionalism, strong attorney/client work ethic and compassion have allowed my husband to remain in his own home for the last 14 years and receive quality medical management and care."

- Bettie R.

...they are stewards of a cause, fighting with maternal passion for that in which they believe deserves defense and support.

"As a member of the legal profession, it is the responsibility of an attorney to examine, advise, evaluate, and negotiate on the behalf of their client within the confines of the law, as well as utilizing an ethical conscience and the approval of their professional equals. Tracey Law Firm exceeds the expectations of legal conduct by adopting the commitment and sacrifice comparative to that which a parent has for a child. A parent is charged with the responsibility of fostering and training a child into becoming a happy, healthy, productive member of society; the attorneys at Tracey Law Firm improve the legal profession by transcending the aptitude of the average attorney and illustrating by example, the legal establishment's archetype of public service. The Tracey Law Firm represents and advocates on behalf of their client with overwhelming devotion and long-suffering. The dedication and zeal with which Tracey Law Firm manages their client's case is apparent: they are stewards of a cause, fighting with maternal passion for that in which they believe deserves defense and support.

"Legal verbiage can be daunting for the layman, but the attorneys at Tracey Law Firm are adept with transforming the diction, thus explaining, informing, and educating their client by using terminology which is readily understood. Tracey Law Firm epitomizes fervent partisanship, postulating their client's position in pursuit of a beneficial conclusion. Tracey Law Firm has provided my son with the means to make the modifications necessary to bring about the conditions and situations which will enable him to experience a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. As for his future, I am comforted with the knowledge that his educational and vocational dreams can be brought to fruition."

- Barbara M.