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With so much commerce in Houston, passenger cars share the road with large commercial trucks every day. Deliveries are made on a daily basis, and large trucks often travel I-45 and I-10 in and out of Houston. Large commercial vehicles carrying cargo can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, and in the case of a crash, the damage can be devastating.

Passenger vehicle drivers can get seriously injured because of an inexperienced truck driver or negligent trucking company. With an experienced Houston truck accident lawyer from Tracey Fox & Walters on your side, we’ll hold irresponsible truck drivers – and their companies – accountable.

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Commercial vehicle accidents can happen for a number of reasons. A truck driver may have been driving while distracted, driving recklessly, or asleep at the wheel. The trucking company may not have ensured that the commercial vehicle was safe to drive, or the cargo may not have been properly loaded into the trailer. A rollover could happen on I-10, or a tire blowout could happen on the 610 Loop. Cargo could spill into the road on the Southwest Freeway.

The negligence of truck drivers and trucking companies can put other motorists at risk. And if you have been injured in a commercial vehicle accident, Tracey Fox & Walters will aggressively pursue your case. You can count on us.

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Following a commercial vehicle accident, trucking companies will go to great lengths to deny any wrongdoing of their driver. They’ll send out their own team of investigators to the accident scene within hours. Trucking companies also purchase high premium insurance plans and have multiple attorneys at their convenience. But our attorneys know how to deal with trucking companies, as well as their insurance companies and attorneys. An experienced truck accident lawyer will get to the bottom of it.

We understand the pain and suffering that can be caused by a commercial vehicle accident. As the medical bills accumulate and the loss of wages wreak havoc on your life, Tracey Fox & Walters will fight for the compensation you deserve. Contact us online for a free case evaluation or call our Houston office at (713) 495-2333.