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When a prescription drug is prescribed by a doctor, we expect that it is safe and won’t cause us any harm. Pharmaceuticals can have serious side effects, however, leaving people injured or in pain. At Tracey Fox & Walters, we fight for the rights of people in Houston who have suffered harm as a result of taking a dangerous drug.

Our Houston personal injury lawyers know the impact a dangerous drug can have on people. They may suffer pain, internal bleeding, infection, organ failure or other severe side effects. They may require surgery, hospitalization and multiple visits with doctors and specialists. Their medical expenses can become overwhelming, and they may not be able to work.

Pharmaceutical companies have a responsibility – both legally and ethically – to go to great lengths to ensure their drugs are safe for patients. Many companies don’t want to wait to start making big money from their products, and they rush their drugs to consumers as quickly as possible without conducting enough research.

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When companies don’t meet that responsibility and people in Houston are hurt as a result, they need to be held accountable. Cases involving dangerous drugs can be complicated, however. Pharmaceutical companies have a lot of resources and can hire a team of lawyers. They will fight personal injury claims every step of the way because there is a lot of money at stake.

Our Houston law firm has a wide range of experience handling dangerous drug cases. Pharmaceutical giants and their insurance companies don’t intimidate us. We’re not interested in making a quick deal with them to make you go away. Our firm fights to help you recover the compensation you deserve for the injuries and pain you have suffered.

We start by investigating, to get the facts on our side. Our Houston lawyers take action to gather evidence, such as internal records and correspondence. We identify and interview witnesses. Our lawyers also consult experts who can help us understand whether pharmaceutical companies acted properly when developing their drug.

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The use of drugs that have not been properly tested can be very dangerous for the people taking them, who are already vulnerable because of their health condition. That’s why there is no excuse for pharmaceutical companies to cut corners, and that’s why our Houston law firm fights for the people they have hurt.

Our Houston firm builds strong cases that pharmaceutical companies and their insurance carriers have to take seriously. We demand compensation for the damages you have suffered. That includes compensation for all current and future medical expenses related to your injuries. We may also seek compensation for other damages, such as pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life.

If you think you were harmed by the use of a dangerous drug in Houston, we encourage you to talk to us as soon as possible. Dangerous drug cases can take a long time to resolve. It’s important to start work on your case before evidence is lost or destroyed and the memories of witnesses fade.

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