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Did a Defective Car Cause Your Houston Accident?

Our car accident lawyers are ready to fight for you

Some of the most devastating car accidents our attorneys have dealt with were not caused solely by human error. Instead, defects with one or more of the vehicles contributed to the crash. Modern cars have dozens of safety features designed to protect their occupants, but if a single component is flawed, there’s always the risk of a serious accident – and serious injuries.

In Houston and throughout the surrounding communities, the car accident lawyers at Tracey Fox & Walters represent people hurt in these devastating wrecks. These claims can be complex and challenging to litigate, but we have the experience and dedication needed to achieve winning results.

We expect that all parts of a car are fully functional and safe when they are installed. When these parts fail, the result can be a crash that leaves people seriously hurt. That is not acceptable. Our attorneys fight to hold negligent parties accountable and recover the financial compensation that victims deserve.

Multiple parties may be held liable in a defective vehicle car accident

There are a wide range of possible defects that could contribute to an accident. Some, such as issues with steering or brakes, can cause a collision to happen in the first place by making it impossible to stop or avoid an obstacle. Others, such as faulty seatbelts and airbags, do not cause accidents directly - but they do increase the severity of injuries sustained in those accidents.

Unraveling the picture of exactly what caused your accident can be tricky. You need to contact an attorney who excels at research and can thoroughly review the evidence from the scene of the accident. In many cases, we've consulted experts who can prove that a vehicle defect was the cause of your injury.

Depending on the circumstances, any or all of the following entities could be held liable for your injury:

  • The manufacturer of your vehicle
  • The manufacturer of another vehicle involved in the accident
  • The manufacturer or distributor of defective parts
  • Another driver who was at fault for the collision itself
  • A mechanic or other professional who did work on an involved vehicle

These cases can be exceptionally complicated, requiring extensive investigation and months or years of hard work. And if the defendant in your case is an auto manufacturer, winning won't be easy. These companies have teams of lawyers and investigators on their side to protect their bottom line.

A car accident caused by vehicle defects can leave you seriously hurt. You may need surgery, hospitalization, medication and physical therapy. Medical expenses can add up very quickly and you may not be sure how you are going to pay them. You may experience financial stress, especially if your injuries leave you unable to work.

Insurance companies may offer you a settlement that falls far short of covering your damages. We think any resolution of your case should cover all of the damages you suffered. Our lawyers fight for compensation for all current and future medical expenses related to your injury, lost wages if you couldn’t work and other damages such as pain and suffering.

Many times, when an insurance company sees that we have built a strong case and are ready to proceed, they agree to negotiate a settlement that meets your needs. But we’re not interested in making quick deals that help them save money. If they won’t agree to a settlement that works for you, we are prepared to fight them in court.

Some law firms shy away from these complex cases, but we think bigger at Tracey Fox & Walters. We know how to take on big companies and win, and we're dedicated to fighting for fair compensation for our clients. If you've been injured, come to our Houston office or call (713) 495-2333 for your free consultation.