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Were you injured on the METRO or a school bus?

Buses are a common way for Houston commuters, students and tourists to reach their destination. Students of Lamar High School may rely on buses to get to class. Residents of The Woodlands may catch the Metro to get to work. Out of town visitors may hop on the Houston City Tours bus for a view the beautiful city skyline.

When passengers board a bus, they put their trust and safety in the hands of the driver. And when a bus accident occurs, multiple people can be hurt. Whether you’re a tourist riding the Houston City Tours bus, or a commuter going to work on the Metro bus, your safety should always come first. If you were injured in a bus accident, you need to contact Tracey Fox & Walters immediately. We can help.

There are a number of bus accidents that could occur in Houston:

  • School bus accidents: School bus drivers are responsible for the safety of children, which is why they are expected to be cautious.
  • Commuter bus accidents: Commuter buses such as the Metro often travel at a low speed with frequent stops. But despite the low speed, accidents can still be catastrophic.
  • Tour buses/double-deckers: Like commuter buses, these types of buses often travel at a low speed throughout Houston, allowing for tourist sightseeing. But an accident involving a tour bus can result in serious injuries, especially if the bus is a double decker.
  • Coaches: These types of buses often travel at a high speed. Coaches are usually driven on highways and other roadways designed for long-distance travel. If an accident occurs on a highly traveled interstate, the damage can be devastating.

Bus accidents can often be caused by the following parties:

  • The driver: Distracted driving, driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, driving while drowsy, or driving recklessly can put passengers at risk. That’s why bus drivers are expected to drive responsibly.
  • The bus company: Failure to ensure a vehicle is safe to operate, or hiring an experienced driver can put passengers in danger.
  • The city: If the bus was property of the city of Houston, the city can be held responsible if a crash occurs. The same applies to other municipalities that operate bus lines.
  • Another driver: An accident can be caused by a passenger vehicle driver. If their negligence resulted in a crash, they will be held accountable.

Our law firm can help

The first thing you should do following a bus accident is seek medical attention. Even if symptoms aren’t immediately present, you must still get a medical evaluation. You should also take pictures and gather witness details if you’re able to do so. Gathering crucial details of the accident scene will help your claim.

In most cases, bus companies should be prepared to pay the medical expenses for each person injured in a crash. They have special insurance that covers multiple passengers. But that doesn’t always guarantee that all medical bills, loss of wages and suffering will be compensated. That’s why you need to contact an experienced Houston bus accident attorney as soon as possible. We’ll investigate the accident and uncover the full compensation for your losses.

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Whether you were injured in a bus accident caused by the driver’s negligence, the bus company’s failure to maintain the vehicle, or the city’s failure to ensure the safety of Houston roadways, you should never be burdened by financial hardships and suffering because of someone else’s irresponsibility. You deserve better.

A bus accident attorney at Tracey Fox & Walters will launch a thorough investigation and gather the details to help build a strong case. If the bus company fails to compensate you to the fullest extent of your losses, we’ll hold them accountable so you can focus on recovery. Contact us today for a free consultation.