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Unlicensed Surgeries In Houston Harmed Dozens Of Women

Texas surgeon operating on a patient

Attorney Lance Walters offers insight into the case

An unlicensed surgical assistant in Houston performed dozens of surgical procedures that caused “physical and psychological harm,” according to court documents related to one of many legal cases involving the medical clinic performing the unlicensed medical procedures.

"The doctor knows better," attorney Lance Walters of Tracey Fox & Walters said in an interview with ABC13 News about the ongoing legal case. "In my opinion, the owner of the clinic is just as culpable as the one doing the cutting."

Unlicensed medical procedures performed on over 30 women

ABC13 in Houston recently aired a news story about several legal cases involving Giraldi's Houston Aesthetic Center on the Katy Freeway. According to the ABC13 report, an unlicensed surgical assistant performed surgeries on more than 30 women, many of whom suffered from life-threatening medical complications as a result of the unlicensed surgical procedures.

A separate ABC13 News story aired last month highlighted many of the severe post-surgical medical complications women suffered from after undergoing surgical procedures performed by a surgical assistant who did not have a medical license to perform such surgical procedures.

Harris County takes legal action against Houston clinic

Earlier this month, the District Attorney’s Office in Harris County filed charges against Rodolpho Garma Giraldi of Houston in connection with the unlicensed surgical procedures performed at Giraldi's Houston Aesthetic Center between March 5, 2022, and Oct. 7, 2023, according to Case Number 1862737 CRT 232 (State of Texas vs. Rodolpho Garma Giraldi). Specifically, Giraldi has been charged with “Practicing Medicine without a License or Permit Causing Harm.”

According to ABC13 News, Giraldi’s next court date is May 15. The criminal case the state filed against Giraldi is separate from other civil cases, such as the one attorney Walters is handling on behalf of one of the victims.

Women speak out about horrific medical complications caused by surgery

In the legal document filed on April 5 in Harris County District Court, statements from several people who were harmed at Giraldi's Houston Aesthetic Center explained in detail the harm they suffered as a result of the unlicensed surgical procedures.

One woman recalled experiencing severe pain during a surgical procedure because she did not receive the proper anesthetic and was awake during the surgical procedure.

Another woman described extreme pain during a surgical procedure that had to be performed twice due to a medical error, which later resulted in a severe infection that lasted four months.

A third woman told investigations she had to be hospitalized for 12 days after she sustained a life-threatening infection due to a surgical error that caused extreme pain.

Holding negligent medical professionals accountable

The legal case being handled by attorney Lance Walters at Tracey Fox & Walters on behalf of one of the victims will hopefully send a strong, clear message to all medical facilities throughout Texas. When surgical procedures are performed, patients reasonably expect that a licensed medical professional will perform them. If these rules and regulations are violated, those responsible should be held accountable for their inexcusable actions.

If you or a loved one was harmed as a result of medical malpractice in Texas, remember that you have rights. Learn more about your potential legal options. Contact our law firm in Houston and schedule a free case evaluation to see how a medical malpractice lawyer can help. We have offices located in Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio.

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