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Truck Accidents: How Inexperienced Truckers Can Put Others at Risk

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Texas truck accident lawyers explain the link between trucker inexperience and serious wrecks.

Many serious commercial truck accidents are caused by inexperienced truck drivers. This is why the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates the commercial trucking industry and has strict driver training requirements.

This issue recently received national attention because the FMCSA denied requests from two truck driving training schools that wanted to allow truck drivers with less than two years of experience to teach other new drivers.

"If exemptions are granted on a widespread basis, such a result would be inconsistent with a primary goal of the ELDT (entry-level driver training) regulations, which was to establish a uniform federal minimum ELDT standard," the FMSCA wrote, according to a recent Land Line article about the issue.

Inexperienced truck driver accident statistics

Lack of experience driving a large commercial truck (such as a tractor-trailer, 18-wheeler, or delivery truck) often results in serious and fatal truck accidents, according to numerous studies, including one conducted by Virginia Tech, which compared the link between driver age, experience, and the number of truck accidents.

The Virginia Tech study found that a commercial truck driver's age is less important than how much experience the driver has operating a large commercial truck. The less experience driving a commercial truck, the more likely the driver will cause a truck accident.

This explains why Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association recently supported the FMCSA's decision to require commercial truck driving instructors to have a minimum of two years of experience training other new drivers.

"CDL experience is essential in providing comprehensive training to entry-level drivers," OOIDA wrote, according to the Land Line article. "We feel there is no substitute for an experienced behind-the-wheel trainer, and employing these instructors will help achieve the objectives of the entry-level driver training rulemaking."

Why do inexperienced truck drivers cause collisions?

Inexperienced commercial truck drivers often cause accidents because they don't have the skills or experience to assess potentially-dangerous situations accurately. Examples include:

  • Speeding – Many inexperienced truck drivers go too fast and don't have enough time or space to avoid crashing into another vehicle, especially on busy highways or city streets.
  • Hazardous weather conditions – Truck drivers with less experience often misjudge just how dangerous ice or snow can be on the roads, resulting in a rollover or jackknife truck accident.
  • Poor truck maintenance – Drivers with less experience might not know how to properly maintain their trucks, resulting in collisions due to defective brakes, improperly inflated tires, and other mechanical problems.

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