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Interstate 10 in Texas Ranked 5th Most Dangerous Highway in the U.S.

Texas car accident attorneyWhat's one of the most dangerous highways in the United States?

In a recent study using data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Fatality Analysis Reporting System, ValuePenguin ranked Interstate 10 in Texas the fifth most dangerous highway in the country.

I-10 is the major east-west artery across Texas. The most dangerous portion runs through Harris County, where Houston is located. Approximately 585 fatal accidents occurred between 2010 and 2016 in Harris County, Texas. These accidents resulted in 676 fatalities.

Houston-area accidents on I-10

In a recent incident, a man was killed on I-10 in East Houston after engaging in a two-car race with another driver who was reportedly driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. While fault can be placed on both drivers for engaging in such a dangerous activity, other motorists could have been harmed.

In another incident, a family traveling on I-10 (Katy Freeway inbound at Washington Ave) experienced a close call after a crash involving two commercial trucks. One truck driver swerved to avoid hitting road debris and slammed into another truck parked on the shoulder. The first truck blew a tire and slammed into a tree. The family approached the accident scene with little warning and swerved to avoid a blown tire in the roadway. Luckily, only minor injuries were reported.

What to do if you’re involved in an I-10 crash

Should you ever be involved in an accident on I-10 in Texas, you should take appropriate steps to build a solid legal claim and protect your health and safety.

The first thing you should do is call for emergency medical help.Don't try to evaluate yourself or others. Leave that job to the experts. And even if you feel fine, it can take days for an injury to manifest itself. And the longer you wait, the more difficult it can be to obtain financial compensation for your losses.

Next, take pictures of the crash scene and speak to witnesses, if you’re able to do so. The evidence you gather immediately after your accident, along with a detailed police report, can help identify the cause of your crash and support your legal claim.

Lastly, you should consult with an experienced Houston auto accident attorney who can launch an investigation and negotiate with insurance companies. The attorneys at Tracey & Fox are dedicated to serving injured motorists in greater Houston. Contact us today and find out how we can help you.

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