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How Trucking Companies Can Prevent Accidents with Technology

Texas truck accident attorneyThe trucking industry has made many positive safety advances in the last few years. From setting limits on the number of hours truckers can drive each day to installing new safe driving devices, these changes have been a welcome addition.

Yet, there are still far too many trucks on the road that do not have access to these advanced safety features.

Why technology should be implemented in commercial vehicles

In 2015, only 15 percent of commercial trucks were equipped with what are known as forward-collision warning/collision-mitigation systems, according to a recent article published by Consumer Reports. If this technology was implemented throughout the US, experts estimate that these systems could prevent as many as 107,000 accidents every year.

Jake Fisher, director of auto testing with Consumer Reports, believes these safety features must become standard on commercial trucks. “If anything, it’s more important that these advanced driver aids come standard on trucks than on cars… tractor-trailer trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, and the consequences of a crash—no matter who is at fault—can be devastating.”

Who is responsible?

Due to the nature of the job, truck drivers must remain aware of the dangers their big rigs pose on the road. They may not see smaller passenger-vehicles lingering in blind spots. Additionally, trucks that drive over the speed limit may have a harder time stopping in a timely manner to avoid a crash. That is why trucking companies must take the initiative to make their vehicles safer.

We can't always rely on technology to prevent accidents; we all must take our own precautions to keep our roads safe. Truck drivers need to make sure they are in good condition to be behind the wheel. They must ensure they eat and sleep well and refrain from alcohol or drugs while driving. However, that responsibility shouldn’t lie solely on truck drivers. Trucking companies are just as responsible for ensuring road safety.

Advances in truck technology can go a long way toward preventing serious accidents. But until this technology becomes fully developed, we must remain vigilant and aware when sharing the road with large commercial vehicles. In an instant, a driver’s life can be turned upside down by a serious truck accident.

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