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Houston Intersections With the Highest Rate of Accidents

Texas car accident attorneyAs anyone living in Space City will tell you, Houston has always had a problem with heavy traffic. Moreover, after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas at the end of August last year, it devastated many of our homes and roadways.

Even now, months later, the effects are still felt on the roads. The traffic is so bad in some places that it’s taking Houstonians hours to get home every day when it once took a fraction of that time.

Where the risk exists

In an article posted last September, the Houston Chronicle compiled data and found the top 25 most dangerous intersections in Houston, based on the number of reported accidents at each location from 2012 to 2015. In that time, there were two million accidents reported throughout Houston.

The top five intersections with the highest number of recorded accidents from 2012 to 2015 are:

  1. Bissonnet St. and Sam Houston Parkway: 335 accidents
  2. Hardy Rd. and Sam Houston Parkway: 280 accidents
  3. Sam Houston Parkway and Westheimer: 233 accidents
  4. Main St. and South Loop: 206 accidents
  5. Beechnut and Sam Houston Parkway: 189 accidents

Accidents also occur frequently at the intersection of Runnels St. and Chartres St. Most notably, 2016 bus accident left 32 people injured, 28 of which were treated at a hospital.

Avoid the gridlock

The legal team at Tracey and Fox knows that a commute can change in an instant. One wrong move, especially in an overcrowded intersection, can result in an intersection accident that not only risks the lives and well-being of those in the cars involved, but can also create a dangerous obstruction for every other nearby vehicle.

In order to help prevent car accidents, care needs to be taken, not just when passing through those intersections listed above, but throughout all of Houston.

Statistics like those found in the Houston Chronicle article can help everyone on the road be aware of areas in which an accident is more likely to occur. Though we should pay attention any time we’re behind the wheel, knowing which intersections are more likely to be the scene of an accident can help us take extra caution as we pass through them.

Regardless of where you are, keep your eyes on the road and make a note of any potential road hazards you encounter to reduce your risk of an accident.

If you or a loved one have been injured while travelling on our roads, contact us today. We can provide you with a free consultation.

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