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Hurt in a Texas Construction Accident?

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If you’re a construction worker who’s suffered a serious injury in an accident that wasn’t your fault, our Texas personal injury lawyers can help you recover maximum compensation. Tracey Fox & Walters is an award-winning law firm known for getting personal injury victims big results. Take strong legal action with an experienced Texas personal injury attorney. Contact us today for your free case evaluation. We have offices in Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio.

Construction workers in Texas tackle a lot of dangerous jobs, from building houses and road construction to demolition work and asbestos removal. Without question, working on the job site can be hazardous to your health – especially if someone else is acting recklessly and causes you to sustain a serious injury.

A severe construction accident injury can change your life forever. In the blink of an eye, you may not be able to work or physically do the things you once were able to do. That’s why it’s so critical to talk with our Texas personal injury lawyers if you’ve been injured in a construction accident. We can hold the negligent party accountable for your injuries and get you the compensation you rightfully deserve.

What are the most common injuries in construction?

Every year, thousands of hard-working construction workers are seriously injured or killed in preventable accidents. While there are many ways to get hurt on the job site, some of the most common construction accident injuries include:

No matter what type of injury you’re dealing with, it’s important to remember that you have rights. Whether your injury was from an accident caused by your employer’s negligence, a reckless third party (e.g., a subcontractor) or you were hurt due to defective equipment because of an irresponsible manufacturer, our law firm can help. You may be entitled to compensation for:

  • All your medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Replacement services (e.g., housekeeping and childcare)
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages (in certain cases only)

Get real results with a Texas personal injury lawyer

The best way to figure out what your construction accident injury claim might be worth is to let our Texas personal injury lawyers review your case. Our dedicated legal team can meet with you, answer your questions, discuss your legal options, and give you up front and honest advice on how to move your claim forward. Put your trust in a law firm that puts your needs first. Contact us today for your free consultation.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI)

Construction workers often work high up on roofs, ladders and scaffolding, bridges, and buildings, which means they are at risk of falling, hitting their head, and sustaining a traumatic brain injury. There’s also a lot of other ways to get hit in the head on a construction site, which is why construction workers are legally required to wear hard hats. Whether you’ve suffered a concussion, partial brain damage or permanent brain damage, it’s critical to get a Texas personal injury attorney to ensure your needs are met now and in the future.

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Back Injuries and Spinal Cord Injuries

Working on a construction site can be physically demanding and include many tasks, some of which may result in severe spinal cord or back problems. Construction workers often suffer debilitating back injuries due to lifting and carrying heavy objects, twisting and bending, falls, and doing the same movement over and over again (i.e., repetitive motion injury). Common spinal cord and back injuries include chronic lower back pain, herniated discs, slipped discs, bulging discs, pinched nerves, back strains and sprains, fractured or broken vertebrae, and tailbone injuries. If you suffered a spinal cord or back injury on the job site, our Texas personal injury lawyers can help you get back up on your feet and maximize the value of your claim.

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Neck Injuries

Neck injuries are common on the job site because construction workers often have to work with their hands above their shoulders and their necks in a strained position. Common neck injuries include whiplash, neck strains and sprains, repetitive motion neck strains, neck stiffness, chronic neck pain, fractured or broken vertebra, and compressed or pinched nerves. Neck injuries can be extremely painful and debilitating, which is why it’s critical to let a Texas personal injury lawyer help you get the compensation you’re entitled to.

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Rotator Cuff and Shoulder Injuries

Swinging a hammer, reaching above the head, carrying heavy objects, repeating the same motion, working extra hours and compensating for other injured body parts can all contribute to or cause serious shoulder problems, such as a painful rotator cuff injury. Other shoulder injuries that are common among construction workers include shoulder tendonitis, fractured or broken shoulders, dislocated shoulders, and shoulder sprains and strains. Rotator cuff and shoulder injuries can be very painful and take a long time to heal. That’s why it’s important to protect your rights and discuss your legal options with an experienced Texas personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

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Hearing Loss

The heavy equipment and machinery used on construction sites creates a lot of damaging noise that can cause hearing loss. Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is one of the biggest health risks construction workers face and is something that can severely impair your quality of life. While hearing loss in construction workers is often due to long-term exposure to job site noises, some victims sustain hearing loss because of head trauma, being hit in the ear, noise from loud explosions, or defective safety equipment. Our Texas personal injury lawyers help construction workers who have sustained partial or permanent hearing loss, tinnitus, and hearing impairment get the compensation they deserve.

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Hand and Wrist Injuries

Construction work does a number on your body and causes a lot of wear and tear, especially on your hands and wrists. Gripping, pushing, pulling, bending, repeating the same motion over and over again, vibration from equipment and using sharp objects can all contribute to or cause a painful hand or wrist injury. For construction workers, common hand and wrist injuries include carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist sprains and strains, Raynaud’s disease (aka white finger disease), tendinitis, and fracture or broken bones in the hand or wrist.

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Knee, Ankle, and Foot Injuries

Being such a physically demanding job, construction work puts a lot of stress on the knees, ankles, and feet. Some of the most frequent knee, ankle, and foot injuries construction workers sustain include fractures, torn ligaments (e.g., torn ACL or MCL), ruptured tendons, strains and sprains, and broken bones. Knee, ankle, and foot injuries can require extensive medical treatment, including surgery and rehabilitation. That’s why you need our Texas personal injury attorneys to get you maximum compensation.

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There are few people more vulnerable to burn injuries than construction workers. Explosions and fires can cause thermal burns while hot liquids or steam can result in scald burns. Construction workers are also at risk of being electrocuted and suffering electrical burns or coming in contact with a dangerous substance that results in painful chemical burns. Burn injuries are among the nastiest and most excruciating injuries a construction worker can sustain. You may need to spend time in a specialized burn center to receive treatment and therapy, or you might require surgical procedures, such as a skin graft or plastic surgery. Demand justice for your burn injury. Let our Texas personal injury lawyers fight for you.

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Broken Bones

Due to all the heavy equipment and machinery being used on the job site, broken bones are among the most common construction accident injuries. Whether you have a clean break, compound fracture (bone punctures through the skin), or a comminuted bone fracture (bone shatters into small pieces), you’ll likely face a long road toward recovery. You may need surgery, rehabilitation, canes, crutches and other medical devices to help you along the way. It doesn’t matter if you broke your arm, leg or another bone in an accident. Our dedicated legal team can aggressively advocate for your best interests and get you real results.

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There are few construction accident injuries more devastating than those that result in amputation, which is the loss of a body part such as an arm, leg, hand, finger, foot, or toe. Whether your lost limb was due to it being damaged beyond repair or it was severed off in a horrific accident, our Texas personal injury attorneys can demand justice and get you the highest amount of compensation possible.

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