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Dallas Underride Accident Lawyer

Injured in a truck accident? Call an 18-wheeler accident attorney.

Truck accidents have a very high probability of causing a devastating injury. Underride accidents can be especially devastating and are often fatal. Victims of underride accidents and their loved ones deserve justice. Legal representation can help victims receive the proper compensation that they deserve in order to best re-adjust to their lives and cover expenses. The lawyers at Tracey Fox & Walters are here to help.

Underride accidents occur when a passenger car collides with the side or back of a truck, ending up part-way or completely underneath the trailer. It isn't uncommon for the trailer to actually cross through the windshield and into the passenger vehicle. The injuries suffered by drivers and passengers are usually quite serious.

As is the case with many truck accidents, multiple insurance companies can be involved with the legal proceedings. Different insurers may cover the cab, trailer and cargo. This means dealing with multiple insurance companies, which means multiple denials of responsibility and greater challenges establishing negligence.

What causes an underride accident? Due to the height difference between passenger cars and trucks, it doesn't take much for an underride accident to occur. Like passenger car accidents, multiple factors can contribute to an underride accident. These can include:

  • Time of day: Nighttime and low sun angles make it difficult for drivers to see trucks carrying large loads, especially if they're in the middle of a turn. Reflectors on the side of the truck may not exist, or not be seen until it's too late.
  • Slow moving vehicles: Trucks, especially when making turns and changing lanes or entering/exiting roads, tend to move slowly, and the drivers behind them can have difficulty adjusting speed.
  • Driver neglect: Not using emergency signals or blinkers to signal a turn can be deadly, and is not an unusual happening. This is especially true in cases where a truck driver was overtired or rushing to make a deadline.

Our experienced attorneys know how to investigate accidents and look for evidence that proves negligence led to your injury. We build a strong case that gets the attention of insurance companies and brings them to the negotiating table. And if they won't negotiate, we have the litigation experience that gets results in court.

If you've been injured, or a loved one has been involved in an underride accident, you don't have time to spare. You need justice now, and we have the resources and legal knowledge to investigate the accident. We're prepared to go all the way to trial if necessary. If you've been injured in an underride accident. Contact us today, and we can evaluate your case free of charge.