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Who was at fault for your intersection collision?

Being T-boned is one of the most frightening things that can happen to a motorist. The wreck itself was bad enough, but if you’re in this situation, you know the battle is just beginning. Now you have to focus on getting better – and dealing with the insurance company for the driver who hit you. An experienced T-bone accident lawyer at our firm can help you.

At Tracey Fox & Walters, we know how to handle complex car accidents, build strong cases and get you the results you need to move forward with your life. Schedule your free consultation today.

Our law firm understands the legal issues surrounding broadside crashes

T-bone, broadside or side-impact crashes usually happen at intersections, perhaps because someone ran a red light, blew through a stop sign or turned left in front of oncoming traffic. Because intersections are confusing places for motorists and pedestrians alike, witness accounts of what happened are often unreliable. Witnesses may even contradict each other or change their stories. The insurance company will take advantage of this doubt to try to reduce or deny your claim.

Insurance companies often fight hard to deny these claims because they know there is a lot at stake. Unlike the front or rear of a vehicle, the side provides relatively little protection for drivers and passengers. That means the injuries sustained are often severe, and that means a lot of exposure to the insurance company’s bottom line. Their attorneys and adjusters are adept at assessing and addressing these claims.

We know how to counter their tactics. We’ll move quickly to secure evidence such as red-light camera footage (if available) and physical evidence from the crash scene before it disappears. We’ll take depositions, cross-reference eyewitness accounts and get to the bottom of what happened. We’ll build a strong case for the full and fair compensation you deserve.

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