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Who was at fault in your in a left-turn crash?

Were you hit by someone who ran a red light or rolled through a stop sign? Motorists are required by law to be careful at intersections, and when they fail to do so, we hold them accountable. Get a Texas intersection accident lawyer at Tracey Fox & Walters on your side today.

The role of negligence in intersection accidents

Every Texas driver knows – or ought to know – the rules of the road that apply at intersections. You need to stop when the light turns yellow if it is safe to do so, yield to oncoming traffic when making a left turn, come to a complete stop before turning right on red, and so on. Those rules exist for a reason. When they’re broken, the risk of a car accident increases.

Many wrecks at intersections are T-bone or broadside accidents. Such crashes can be very dangerous because the side of a vehicle provides very little protection from the front end of another car. Rear-end accidents while stopped at a red light are also common – and serious multi-vehicle crashes can occur if the force of impact pushes a car into the path of cross traffic.

Finding out what happened in an intersection accident can be difficult. Crashes happen fast, and witnesses may disagree about what they saw. We know how to launch our own investigation and sort out the confusion. We’ll cross-reference statements and use physical evidence to get to the bottom of what happened. We’ll also intervene quickly to preserve any camera footage, if available, to bolster your case. We’ll take a hard line when dealing with the insurance company, both in negotiations and, if necessary, in court.

Get an experienced intersection accident lawyer on your side

If you were injured in an intersection wreck, it’s important to take action quickly, before evidence disappears. The sooner you contact us, the stronger the case we can build for the full amount of compensation you deserve. Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation with a Texas intersection accident attorney.