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Were You Injured in a Distracted Driving Accident?

Our Texas texting and driving lawyers can prove who was at fault

Whether you’re driving on the highway or a side street, it only takes a moment of inattention to cause a serious car accident. Distracted drivers are a menace on Texas roads, and with the rise of smartphones and in-vehicle electronics, they’re only becoming worse every year. The Texas distracted driving accident lawyers at Tracey Fox & Walters stand up for victims.

We understand the seriousness of distracted driving

Distracted driving is any behavior that diverts a driver’s attention from the road. There are three types of distraction:

  • Manual distraction – the driver’s hands are not on the wheel.
  • Visual distraction – the driver’s eyes are not on the road.
  • Mental distraction – the driver’s mind is not focused on the task of driving.

Texting and driving gets the headlines, and for good reason: it’s “all of the above.” A texting driver has at least one hand off the wheel. His or her eyes are on a screen instead of the road. Texting is mentally distracting, as well – not just during the actual process of sending a message, but crucially, for several minutes afterward.

That said, texting is far from the only distraction that plagues Texas roads. People cause wrecks by eating and drinking, grooming, adjusting the radio, looking at a GPS or talking to passengers. All are negligent, and all are serious.

Unfortunately, the most vulnerable road users like cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists are also more likely to be victims of distracted driving. It’s particularly easy for a distracted driver to miss something smaller than a car.

We can help after a distracted driving accident

Most accidents caused by distracted drivers are rear-end accidents, but certainly not all. Distracted drivers may run a red light or stop sign, causing a T-bone crash. They might even drift into the oncoming lane and cause a head-on collision. Either way, you’ve been hurt, and we can help.

Our attorneys know how to thoroughly investigate your crash and find the evidence that shows the at-fault driver was texting or otherwise distracted. We’ll seek to understand the full amount of damages (financial compensation) you are owed, including medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and more. We’ll go to the insurance company with a strong case for full and fair compensation. If they won’t cooperate, we’re ready to take them to court.

Put your trust in a Texas distracted driving accident lawyer who puts your legal rights first. Contact Tracey Fox & Walters today to schedule your free consultation.